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Introduction to the club

Members of staff at Walton Hall formed the O.U. Amateur Radio Club in December 1990. The original intention being to put together and activate an amateur radio station on campus. We were fortunate in that the G0O series of callsigns was being issued in 1991, and we were able to reserve G0OUR as the club callsign.

As with any club, activities and facilities are limited by the funds available. Initially we imposed a joining fee in addition to the annual subscription in order to help get the club off the ground. We have also had help in the form of grants from the O.U. Club and the General Purposes Fund, and have held various fund raising events. In addition to this the club is indebted to its members who have helped both financially and with the loan and construction of equipment. The joining fee was dropped after the first year, and the annual subscription is currently £5 per annum. Subscriptions are dated from the1st January each year.

The club station is currently equipped for HF SSB/CW, plus 2m and 70cm FM/SSB/CW. We also run a packet node with ports on 2m, 6m, 4m and 70cm. Some of the equipment we use is on loan from members, but we are gradually buying equipment for the club (often in the form of second hand bargains), as and when funds permit. Club meetings are held each Thursday lunchtime in the shack on campus. The club station is usually on the air at these times.

Although initially started by and for staff members at Walton Hall, membership is also open to OU students and regional staff. We produce a newsletter on a casual basis to keep members who can't make it to club meetings regularly up to date with what’s going on. Members also receive a membership card.

Some years ago there was an O.U. net running on 80m SSB. There is no net currently running, although I know some students do keep in touch via amateur radio. If there is sufficient demand for a net we can organise one, although it will not be straightforward to choose a time/band that will suit everyone.

Thank you for your interest, and good luck with your studies,


Adrian Rawlings M0ANS

(Secretary OUARC)

Contact: Adrian Rawlings