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Packet Radio

These are pictures of the OUARC's node, located in the Venables building at the Walton Hall Campus in Milton Keynes.

Looking through the door of the 'node cupboard'. The PC on the left is running the G8BPQ node switch software. The callsign is G0OUR, and the alias is OU. The PC on the right is running TCP/IP (currently WNOS). The hostname is and the IP number is On the right the radios and power supplies can be seen.

Rig 3

Close up of the radios and power supplies. The unit marked '670' is an old data/ networking PSU slightly tweaked to give a 13.8V output. Above is a home made distribution panel. On the top is the 'rig pile' and TNC's. On the left are two home made BSX TNC's, and behind these is another PSU, with distribution box on top. On the right are the rigs. Going bottom to top, the 70.325MHz 15W Pye Westminster, the 145.625MHz 15W Pye Westminster, the 50.670MHz 15W Pye Westminster, the 432.650MHz 10W NEC, and finally the 433.675MHz 10W NEC. These are all Ex-PMR rigs converted for use on packet radio.

Ariel 3

The packet antennas. Going from left to right, the horizontally polarised 5 element 6m beam, the vertically polarised 9 element 2m beam, the vertically polarised 4 element 4m beam, the vertically polarised 24 element 70 cm's beam (432.650MHz), and the horizontally polarised 19 element 70 cm's beam (433.675 MHz). Unfortunately the satellite dishes don't belong to us :-(

Contact: Adrian Rawlings