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Pictures Of The KT34XA

These are pictures of the OUARC's KT34XA 6 element beam, which is mounted on a 60' crank up tower. The beam was finally errected on January the 16th 1995. It is now no longer possible to tilt the tower over, as the trees cause an obstruction ! The KT34XA was errected by using a rope and pulley to get it upto about 30', the height of the tower when lowered.


The 'from a distance shot'. Directly below is the OUARC's 'caravan shack'.


The 'from below shot'. You can just about see the elements of the OUARC's 2m ground plane, which is mounted on a cross bar at about 50', and the legs of the 275' doublet mounted above the beam.


The 'against sunset background shot' ... well cloudy background shot ! - You have to have one of these of course !

Picture of the M100 mobile mast

This picture shows the clubs 100 foot tower, in its retracted state. It is used to support a stub mast which in turn supports our LF wire aerials, at a maximum height of around 115 feet. Various aerials have been tried, including dipoles, slopers, delta loops and quad loops.


Contact: Adrian Rawlings